More than one class of securities traded together ( e.g., one common share and three subscription warrants ). Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Securities representing a portion of assets pooled by investors: run by a management company whose share capital remains separate from such assets, e.g. a number of shares. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
More than one class of securities trading together as one ( e.g. a stock and a warrant). Exchange Handbook Glossary

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unit u‧nit [ˈjuːnt] noun [countable]
1. a single complete product made by a company:

• Output is now up to 150,000 units each month.

• The unit cost (= cost to make one unit ) of the computer system comprised about 80% materials, 15% overheads and 5% labour.

Unit sales (= number of units sold ) of watches climbed about 35% last year.

2. a company, organization, or group that is part of a larger company, organization, or group:

• The computer maker agreed to sell its Network Services unit.

unit of

• the fiber optics business unit of Tyco Electronics

• She works in the production unit.

ˈbargaining ˌunit HUMAN RESOURCES
in the US, a group of employees officially appointed to take part in discussions between employers and unions about levels of pay, working conditions etc
deˈcision-making ˌunit abbreviation DMU HUMAN RESOURCES
a group of people in a company or other organization involved in making an important decision, especially a decision about buying something:

• It is useful for a seller to know the degree of pressure on key members of the decision-making unit.

straˌtegic ˈbusiness ˌunit
abbreviation SBU HUMAN RESOURCES a part of a business that can be thought of as separate from the rest of the business because it has its own market and needs to make a profit in its own right:

• One vice-president is accountable for several strategic business units.

3. an amount or quantity of something used as a standard of measurement:
strategic business unit of

• The dollar is the basic unit of currency in the US.

eˈmissions ˌunit
FINANCE an official right allowing a company to send a specific amount of harmful gasses or other substances into the air
4. FINANCE a single share in a unit trust:

• The company is splitting its 5p nominal shares into units of 2.5p to increase their marketability

accumuˈlation ˌunit
FINANCE an amount of money held in a particular type of investment trust, in which profit is invested back into the trust rather than paid as a regular dividend
5. PROPERTY a single building on an industrial estate:

• He is renting a factory unit as a workshop.

6. a piece of machinery which is part of a larger machine:

• This is the control unit for the central heating.

ˌcentral ˈprocessing ˌunit abbreviation CPU
COMPUTING the part of a computer that controls and organizes all its activities:

• Some systems are too centralised and need a big expensive central processing unit to work.

ˈstorage ˌunit COMPUTING
the part of a computer in which information is stored; = MEMORY

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unit UK US /ˈjuːnɪt/ noun [C]
a single thing or separate part of something larger: »

The training course is divided into five units, and takes place over five days.

WORKPLACE a particular type of business or department within a larger organization: »

Shares in the pharmaceutical company shot up to 2575p after the sale of its chemicals unit.


Cellphone companies are still on the rise, but most of them are units of the traditional telcos.


a business/operating unit

FINANCE a single share or bond in a unit trust or mutual fund: »

Your investment purchases units that are linked to the Performance Fund.

PROPERTY an individual building or house: »

industrial/office units


a housing/residential unit

a piece of machinery or equipment designed to be used for a particular purpose: »

an air-conditioning unit


kitchen/shelving/wall-mounted units

PRODUCTION a single product considered as part of the total number of products that a company manufactures or sells: »

Last year the company cut domestic production to 3.1 million units.

MEASURES a measurement that is used as a standard to express amounts: »

Women are advised not to consume more than 14 units of alcohol a week.


a unit of energy/measurement

See also ACCUMULATION UNIT(Cf. ↑accumulation unit), BARGAINING UNIT(Cf. ↑bargaining unit), CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT(Cf. ↑central processing unit), DECISION-MAKING UNIT(Cf. ↑decision-making unit), MONETARY UNIT(Cf. ↑monetary unit), MULTIUNIT(Cf. ↑multiunit), STOCK-KEEPING UNIT(Cf. ↑stock-keeping unit), STORAGE UNIT(Cf. ↑storage unit), STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNIT(Cf. ↑strategic business unit)

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